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One of the many dental services that we provide at Perfect Hollywood Smile is root canal procedures or endodontic therapy.  The treatment is usually performed to repair and save a tooth that has been badly damaged or is severely infected.  More specifically, the procedure targets the inside of a tooth or its pulp when it has gotten infected and inflamed.  The pulp is removed, cleaned, and disinfected so it can be filled and sealed to save it.  Hence, the terminology “root canal” is derived from the cleaning of those canals within the root of the tooth.

Common Causes

The canals within the tooth contain blood vessels and nerves.  Ironically, when an adult tooth finally erupts through the gums, the nerves within it serve no specific purpose other than to sense cold, heat, and other stimuli.  The removal of a nerve within a tooth that has gotten infected is a relatively standard procedure here at Perfect Hollywood Smile, and enables us to eliminate your pain.

You’re probably wondering what led to the pain you are experiencing.  In most cases, it results from the infection and inflammation going on inside the tooth.  However, that pain is usually attributed to one of three (3) following factors:

  • Damage – the outer layers of the tooth were penetrated by decay and is causing your pain.
  • Decay – breaks, chips, or cracks in your tooth can lead to decay and eventually cause your pain.
  • Disease – deep decay can oftentimes result from repeated procedures in the same area of the tooth and lead to your pain.

Additional risk factors for infection and inflammation in the pulp might include any of the following issues:

  • broken, chipped or cracked teeth
  • large fillings
  • recent dental procedures
  • severe tooth decay
  • tooth trauma

If the pain you’re experiencing is caused by infection within the pulp or severe tooth decay, Perfect Hollywood Smile dentists will recommend that you undergo a root canal procedure to save it, and ease your suffering.  Due to the loss of the structure of the tooth, it needs core-build-up and a crown after the procedure has been completed.

General Symptoms

Tooth pain is considered the most common and well recognized symptom indicating the need for endodontic therapy.  However, according to the AAE or American Association of Endodontists, not all teeth pain indicates the need for a root canal procedure.  The pain can intensify or lessen during the day, and oftentimes ranges from mild or slight, to extreme or severe.  Furthermore, it may worsen when biting down on the affected tooth, or you may experience sensitivity to cold or hot beverages and foods.  You might also notice tenderness and swelling of the gums near the affected area.

What to Expect After the Procedure

Once your Perfect Hollywood Smile dentist has completed your root canal procedure, you may still experience some sensitivity with the treated tooth because the surrounding tissue will most likely be inflamed.  This is normal, especially if you were experiencing infection and pain before you underwent the procedure.  And, it should last no more than a few days after treatment.  OTC medications such as Advil or Motrin (ibuprofen) and Aleve (naproxen) will help to control any discomfort or sensitivity you may be feeling, once the procedure has been completed, and the anesthesia has worn off.

There’s no need to continue suffering with tooth pain.  For more information regarding the need for a root canal procedure, we recommend you call Perfect Hollywood Smile and schedule an appointment as soon as possible.