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At Perfect Hollywood Smile, we provide dental bridges for people who are suffering with partial tooth loss.  As their name implies, these devices replace teeth that missing between the stronger, remaining ones.  In other words, they “bridge” the gap that the lost teeth have created.  Therefore, you must have strong, supportive teeth remaining in order to qualify for a bridge.  We will place crowns on the two teeth surrounding the gap in order to anchor the gum-colored bridge that will secure your replacement teeth.

Reasons to get a Dental Bridge

Basically, your remaining teeth are going to provide the necessary support needed to ensure that the dental bridge remains in place.  It does require removal or shaving off the tooth structure of adjacent teeth to get the bridge fixed.  Furthermore, there are several reasons for getting dental bridges including:

  • preserving facial shape and structure
  • protecting your remaining teeth from excessive bite pressure and wear
  • providing you with the ability to eat your food and speak normally
  • restoring your smile

From a psychological perspective, these dental prosthetics can go a long way towards enhancing your self-image and self-confidence, as well as restoring your self-esteem. Flossing beneath the dental bridge is difficult and you might opt for professional cleaning every few months.

3 Types of Bridges to Choose From

One of the advantages of the dental bridges that we provide at Perfect Hollywood Smile is that there are three (3) types to choose from.  This means that we can accommodate a wider range of patient needs with these prosthetics.  Consider the following:

Cantilever bridges – Although these are the least common type of bridges, they are ideal for individuals when support teeth are only on one side of the space created by the missing tooth or teeth.  Cantilever bridges are not recommended for the back of the jaw as it places too much pressure on your other teeth and can eventually damage them.

Resin-bonded bridges – More commonly referred to as “Maryland bonded bridges”, these are made from porcelain, or porcelain fused to metal, with plastic gums and teeth supported by a framework, made from metal or porcelain.  Metal or porcelain wings are often placed on one side of the bridge or the other, and bonded to your remaining teeth.

Traditional bridges – As the most common type of dental bridges used today, these bridges are made from ceramic material or porcelain fused to metal (PFM).  We create a crown for the implant or tooth on either side of the space, and place an artificial tooth known as a pontic in between the two.

As an alternative for replacing lost teeth, your bridge will look entirely natural once your Perfect Hollywood Smile dentist places it securely in your mouth.

Benefits of Dental Bridges

Whenever you are missing teeth, it creates an imbalance within your mouth which can eventually lead to TMJ, or temporomandibular joint disorder.  If you’re trying to decide between dental bridges or other alternative to dentures, you should consider the many benefits that they provide:

  • improving certain functions involving your teeth such as chewing and speaking
  • preventing any drifting or shifting of your remaining teeth (could eventually lead to problems biting and chewing)
  • reducing jaw bone density and maintaining your facial structure
  • replacing missing teeth
  • restoring your smile

Additionally, your bridges will be permanently fixed in order to prevent any movement like you would experience with dentures.  If you would like more information regarding dental bridges or any of our other services, please call Perfect Hollywood Smile today. You may easily schedule an appointment with one of our dentists.